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2014-08-14“View Screen, Practice and Cloud Service”lead NetPosa to move ahead continuously

With the continuous development of video monitoring, safe city building has moved toward “Smart Safe City”. As the video monitoring system will undergo a“cloud”trend through next two or three years, cloud computing, cloud storage and cloud service will be widely used. NetPosa firstly put forward the “View Screen, Practice and Cloud Service”product strategy at home, researched and developed Power cloud computing (PCC), Power files system (PFS) and Optimized Parallel Accelerated Query engine  (OPAQ). Based on these “cloud”application, what NetPosa has always actively kept on promoting is excavating from the magnanimous data and changing them into function which is valuable to public security practice application. All these efforts have provided powerful support in technique and product for the company in 2014 and the subsequent long-term development.

Meanwhile, in order to meet the strategic development needs of the enterprise, the company made proper adjustment to its administrative rules, sales model, talent introduction and cultivation, etc. Considering NetPosa’s timely transformation and its active attitude towards the Internet, Secumanager  made a special report entitled “Video, Practice and Cloud Service: Young NetPosa is moving toward a higher stage of development” in June, 2014.

2014 is the first year for NetPosa to step into the capital market. The company will stick to the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations, obey the requirements for raising projects, standardize corporate governance structure and optimize management process in the internal part, and actively perfect marketing system in the external part. Liu Guang, chairman of NetPosa said when he explained the company’s future plan that “The future Video Internet will unfold around two dimensions namely internet and video, which is what NetPosa wants to do. ”


Liu Guang, Chairman and CEO of NetPosa

As for the safe city building part, NetPosa will further press close to the practice application requirements of safe city industry customers. Centered on video application, based on unified software architecture, NetPosa will increase technical inputs in video intelligent algorithm and video cloud service, release products and solutions which can enhance the professional skill and actual practice ability of public security, and consolidate the company’s technical leading superiority in safe city market.

In the respect of marketing system construction, NetPosa will further deepen marketing system construction in 2014, initially establish and improve the marketing service network system covering across the country. While continuously focusing on safe city, NetPosa will also seize market opportunities, regard technology penetration as a precursor, constantly expand to other industries such as smart city, smart power, intelligent transportation, intelligent building, etc.

In regard of operations management and talent cultivation, NetPosa will regulate process system comprehensively in 2014, bring in advanced managerial experience at home and abroad, especially managerial experience for internet enterprises, construct a more efficient, scientific and succincter process system, and improve internal operating efficiency. Improve talent introduction and cultivation system, establish more scientific and reasonable job responsibilities, job grade, job qualification, salary system and long-term incentive policy, promote company attractiveness to excellent talents.

With the increasing effect of Internet in every aspect of society, the security industry where NetPosa exists is also changing quietly. NetPosa discerned the future trend, actively embraced the Internet, cooperated with Qihoo 360, actively explored home security and smart home areas, and maintained advancement motivation of the enterprise.

Keeping the enthusiasm like a youth, regarding the construction of video Internet as a vision, NetPosa is moving steadily forward under the conceptual guidance of “Video, Actual Practice and Cloud Service.”