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2014-11-18NetPosa demonstrates the strength of national security brand during APEC meeting

From 5th, November to 11th, November, various grand activities were held during 2014 APEC Leaders’meeting week in Beijing. This is the second time that APEC came to China since 2001 Shanghai APEC. The heads of all 21 economies from United States, Russia, Japan, etc attended the activities and the participants were more than ten thousand.

The meeting not only presented a rising China to the world, but more importantly, provided a stage for national brands to show their strength. Chinese Red-flag car, Chinese costumes frequently appeared in people’s field of visions during this week. NetPosa, as a famous brand in security field, escorted for the normal operation of security and commandeering and dispatching work in and around the National Convention Center, which is the main center for APEC meeting.


Night scene around the meeting place under the surveillance of management platform

To ensure the smooth proceeding of the historical meeting, the government has adopted a series of careful and effective measures including measures to alleviate traffic congestion, efforts to improve the eco-environment, etc. Among these, security measure is still the top priority.

In order to reinforce security measures, 298 1080P high definition video camera were added to the important places like the National Indoor Stadium, the Water Cube, the Olympic Forest Park, the hotel location, etc. NetPosa Power Video Gateway ( PVG) joined up these new camera shooting points to the existing “regional sharing platform”without any obstacles. To better meet the needs of security and live command and dispatch, NetPosa help to construct three new emergency command center platforms including the Olympic Committee. The strong forwarding capacity of PVG network video management platform enabled every command center take pictures from all point locations in the “regional sharing platform”uniformly. All these work were finished within only one week, which met the active demand of the users in time and efficiently, and laid a sound security foundation for the smooth progress of meeting. Moreover, in order to ensure that Chaoyang Image Information System would operate with no malfunction during the meeting, NetPosa particularly allocated staff to frontline to assist users with their work. The professional, passionate and efficient service has received Unanimous praise from the users.

In the past several years, by virtue of video technique accumulated for over ten years, and the understanding of user requirements, NetPosa has successfully provided video monitoring network service for many large-scale comprehensive competitions and important activities, thus has gained abundant experience in large-scale integrated project construction. These projects included Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, etc.

As a video application solutions provider who plays a leading role in domestic area, NetPosa always focuses on the research and development of the core technology of video, constantly digs the user’s requirements, keeps on improving its own products system in order to meet user’s ever-changing demands on intelligent video application, and moves ahead continuously on the way to the pursuit of perfect product and user experience.