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2014-01-30NetPosa successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM

On 29th, January, 2014, which was the day before Chinese New Year’s Evening, the management layer and directors of NetPosa gathered together in Shenzhen, looking forward to witnessing a historic moment when NetPosa successfully came to market.

Early in the morning, Chairman Liu Guang, who wore a new suit particularly bought for the listing ceremony, led his NetPosa group to Shenzhen Stock Exchange with full energy and vigor. Although Shenzhen Stock Exchange had stipulated that no more than 20 people for every company can get admission in order to simplify the listing ceremony, staff of NetPosa were still full of passion that they waited at the door seriously for that historic moment, even though they could not walk into the Exchange and see the listing ceremony with their own eyes.

After the speeches delivered by the leader of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and representatives of all listed companies in turn, Shenzhen Stock Exchange gave every listed company a Bronze Ox as a souvenir, whose implied meaning is bull market. At that time, there was only ten minutes before the stock market open, chiefs of seven listed companies including Liu Guang held a copper hammer in hand respectively, standing in front of the copper bell together in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. When “Please knock the precious bell”appeared on the screen, the seven chieves jointly knocked the copper bell which symbolizes the declaration of listing in front of them, and the round and thick bell resounded around the hall of Shenzhen Stock Exchange until the first day opening price of seven companies appeared on the screen. What makes people excited was that, NetPosa ranked the first of all listed companies from the beginning with an opening price of 59.88 RMB, kept rising until limit, and reached the maximum amount of increase in the morning within less than one and a half hours.

This reflects capital market’s recognition for NetPosa and investors’ high expectation to NetPosa. With these expectations, like the Bronze Ox presented by Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the stock price of NetPosa went through a bull market and rised to a height which companies in the industry had never reached when the market opened again after two limits. By the end of the closing quotation that day, NetPosa rised 44.01%, quoted 71.86% yuan.


Chairman Liu Guang, director, supervisor, senior executive members, and representatives of stockholder jointly took part in the listing ceremony and took group photos.