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2014-10-31Netposa won “Famous Brand in China Security” and “Quality Trustworthy Product” Awards

In the recent “Chinese security product quality investigation activity”, which is held by Security Market  newspaper and the organizing committee of Chinese Security Product Quality Investigation Activity, Netposa has won “Famous Brand in China Security” and “Quality Trustworthy Product” Awards.


 As a video application solutions provider who plays a leading role in domestic area, Netposa always focused on the research and development of the core technology of video. By many years of hard work in the industry, Netposa has occupied a significant position in the domestic safe city building. Meanwhile, Netposa has also played an important role in providing technology, equipment and service in the security projects of Olympics, Expo, Asian Games, Asia-Europe Expo and the Youth Olympic Games.

This year, starting from public security, transportation, judicature, social sites, families and many other application fields, based on big data, cloud computing, intelligent analysis and other technologies, Netposa particularly launched “VIDEONE”product system which can meet user’s video application all-service solutions. By this product system, Netposa wants to better satisfy user’s intelligent application needs in video which is retrievable, traceable, idiomatically analyzed and can be digged deeper.

Netposa sticks to the business mission of “Realizing all dreams of the customers in digital video area by innovative technology and perfect products”, keeps on innovating based on user’s ever-changing requirements, and constantly provides users with more perfect products and more satisfying service.