Power Video Application

NetPosa power video application integrates the video resources, realizes functions such as video command, arm/unarm, traffic management, video image information library, image determination, operation and maintenance management, system configuration and cloud space, establishes the image information system cross areas, departments and police type, provides intelligent application service for case reconnaissance and solution and evidence reading, constructs the powerful social service technology of “beating, prevention, management and control”, completely improves the capability and level of the public security authorities for governing social security, and prevents against and beats illegal crimes, and maintains the society stability based on the NetPosa video cloud solution.

Product Functions

1. Video command

The video command module can integrate videos, electronic policemen and gate resources based on electronic geographic information system and realize integrated management of video resources and intuitive and visual application of monitoring images. The system can display road conditions, resource distribution, person distribution, geographic coordinate and police force deployment in a graphic manner, intuitively display global information in a comprehensive and multi-dimension manner, make command and scheduling more intuitive and efficient, and realize “visual command”.


Figure 1 Video Monitoring


Figure 2 Guarding Route

2. Arming and guarding

The alarm module can automatically analyze and compare the real-time video images of the camera by using the advanced image resource integration and intelligent analysis technologies, can improve early alarm in video guarding via automatic and intelligent means, enhance monitoring, alarm and arming capability of the power video application, reduce monitoring load of the monitoring and operation persons, and realize the target of “passive emergency handling to proactive arming” and “after-accident recorded video search and in-accident police situation handling”.


Figure 3 Arm

3. Traffic management

The gate analysis module can realize collection, input, query, comparison, statistics, printing and output of the suspicious vehicle video based on electronic police, electronic gate and virtual intelligent gate, provides functions such as motor vehicle second recognition, trace analysis, false license plate analysis, vehicle tracking analysis, first city entry analysis, collision analysis, case analysis, multi-gate system image information mining, intelligent marking of video information and information retrieval, and truly realize the target of “store vehicle license plate number, discover illegal behaviors, collect crime evidence, characterize track and deeply determinate cases”.


Figure 4 Traffic Management

4. Video image information library

The video image information library module can realize high-quality and low-capacity central storage of the videos, images and structural view data, can arrange and classify special video images such as case-related video or suspicious videos, important accident alarms video, area video involved in case series, video of important sensitive period and important site video, centrally store video and structural views, and quickly classify and search structural description and massive information resources of related persons and vehicles. The system can provide the intelligent application services for reconnaissance and reading evidences of the public security authority, prevent against and beat crimes, and maintain the society stability.


Figure 5 Video Image Information Library

5. Image determination

The image determination module can make fuzzy images clear via the image processing algorithms, can intelligently analyze videos, extract target persons and vehicles, effectively improve view speed and efficiency of the videos, quickly search and locate the suspicious targets, and reduce missing suspicious target information in the case videos.


Figure 6 Image Determination

6. Operation and maintenance

The operation and maintenance module can realize the patrol inspection and intelligent diagnosis of the operation states of different devices, host equipment and storage device of the platform, uniformly manage the patrol inspection results, and view history records and statistics results of the user operation log and system logs.


Figure 7 Operation and Maintenance Management

7. Cloud space

The cloud space module can dynamically allocate the size of the user cloud storage space, manage the platform storage space, import the case-related views, and determine images.


Figure 8 Cloud Space

Product Features

1. Cloud architecture

The platform is based on the video cloud open architecture, supports parallel computing, on-demand use, dynamic allocation and distributed deployment, realizes efficient storage, retrieval and computing, makes different business users get the required video resources and services, and realizes collaborative informatization work on one platform.

2. Brand-new design idea


Figure 10 Function Interface

● The flat design idea is used to display the data information via the simple and fresh interface and highlight the contents in the information.

● The object operation modes are embodied in each function to make users experience visual effect.

● The routine use habits of users are reserved to reduce the learning cost of users.

3. Visual presentation of space and video

The system supports one-device and double-screen mode to solve repeated switching between user modules and combine the space and videos to most extent. In addition, the platform uses NPGSI map framework developed by NetPosa independently, can support extended use of most maps on the market, and easily meet the differential construction of different projects.

4. Virtual gates

The platform video points are reused as the gate camera via the intelligent analysis technology to offset insufficient gate devices and provide comprehensive vehicle pass information for users.

5. Second extraction of vehicle information

The video images obtained by the front-end devices can be recognized again via the intelligent analysis technology to accurately and completely extract vehicle information. Second extraction of the vehicle information is embodied in the following aspects:

● Automated recognition of vehicle license plate number;

● Automated recognition of vehicle license plate color;

● Automated recognition of vehicle body color;

● Vehicle mark recognition;

● Facial recognition of front-row drivers and passengers.

6. Efficient retrieval performance

The platform uses the optimized parallel quick query engine technology and retrieves 10 billion records in several seconds.

7. Personal cloud space

The concept of the cloud disk is introduced into the platform to improve the utilization rate of the personal space of users. In addition, the platform will regularly clean massive temporary data in the system to guarantee storage space of important data. The personal cloud space extremely improves security of data information as the unique “outlet” of the platform.