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2013-05-31Safe Beijing Olympics


Public Security Sub-Bureau and Information Office of Chaoyang District instantly carried out early preparation of the image information management system (hereafter called as image system) in 2006 according to the requirements in “Recommendation of Beijing Government on Enhancement of Image Information Management System Construction” (Jingzhengfa [2006] No. 17) and have achieved some achievements. To welcome Olympics and complete construction task deployed by Beijing Government, construction of the image system is listed into the critical municipal project of the district government in 2007 and is completed under the leadership of the district information office and cooperation of the district public security sub-bureau, district comprehensive office and district emergency office.

Construction targets

To carry out the requirements of “human oriented, comprehensive, coordinative and sustainable scientific development idea and construction of social harmonious society”, improve the general level of the social comprehensive management and public service of Chaoyang district, realize informatization, standardization, refinement and intelligence of city’s comprehensive management, and ensure timely discovery, handling and solution of problems in city development, Chaoyang district government considerably plans governmental functions such as city management and emergency command, constructs the intelligent social refining management project based on the image information technologies , and ensures smoothness of the Olympics test match and Olympics with “Create safety with technology” as the main body.

Design and construction target of Chaoyang district image information management system project:

● Completely improve the social management and public security management of the Chaoyang district government and meet present and future management requirements of different departments to most extent.

● Share the image information resource, utilize current related resources to the most extent, and reduce repeated construction.

● Adopt mature and advanced video technology standard and technology specification, integrate present application system, and extensively apply the advanced technology standards.

● Reduce repeated investment of the manpower, material and finance to most extent from construction, application and management pattern design and realize scientific design and reasonable planning.

● Meet corresponding requirements of 2008 Olympics for social management, security guarantee and public service.

Construction contents

The Chaoyang district image information management system mainly integrates image resources from 33 Olympics, surrounding areas and social units, dedicated image resources of Beijing Public Security Bureau and Beijing Sharing Image resources.

Now over 5000-channel front-end video sources are included. Digital construction mode is used. The local autonomous system is composed of the devices such as coder/decoder and image management control devices.

The dedicated platform should be compatible to present local autonomous system in case of integration of video resources and can connect the video images of the municipal public security simulation system, Beijing sharing platform and Olympics command headquarters.

The images from 5000-channel video sources will be integrated to the dedicated platform in this project to complete construction of related systems.

1. This project includes four parts:

● Public security command center

● Management and maintenance center

● Public security dedicated platform

● Foundational network

2. This project includes the following systems:

2.1 Construction of public security command center

● Device room system of command center

● Large-screen display system of command center

● Image reading system of command center

2.2 Construction of management and maintenance center

● Image reading system of management and maintenance center

2.3 Construction of public security dedicated platform

● Real-time image system of dedicated platform

● History image system of dedicated platform

● Assisted application system of dedicated platform

● Support application system of dedicated platform