Successful Cases
2013-05-29Safe Haikou


As the national “3111” trial project, the Haikou city alarm and monitoring system project includes construction of 500 domes at new video monitoring points such as governmental offices and complex security sites, which is compatible to and integrates established image resources from police stations, traffic and patrol police detachment , border detachment , forming a whole city alarm and monitoring system to cover the whole city from points to face and from local to global and share resources with the units such as special police, fire control, emergence office, city management and people's air defense.

Construction targets

1. Integrate established image resources and realize hybrid analog/digital network: the system will connect the old analog images of traffic patrol police detachment and border detachment via the integrated equipment control interface, which will realize interconnection and mutual control with matrix system, thus realizing uniform privileges and uniform control;

2. Share image resources: the system can call and control multi-channel images to the special police detachment and fire control detachment via the image information management platform of the municipal public security bureau. It reserves enough video forwarding capability and video input/output interface in order to easily provide image resources to the administrative departments such as municipal emergency office, city management office and people’s air defense office and provide PTZ control under uniform privileges.

3. Boundary management: the system can control protocol and forward streaming media via the boundary management system, so it can guarantee that the governmental office network of the municipal emergency command center is safely isolated from the public security network while sharing images with the municipal governments and city management department safely.

4. Video network management: the system can provide the whole-network maintenance management software, which can monitor, maintain and manage the operation states of the whole-network video devices.