2013-05-24Traffic Management Video Solution


The solution of Public Security Application Platform is the whole solution for video management applications of different traffic authorities.

The Public Security Application Platform can continuously and automatically record composition, traffic distribution and illegal behaviors of the vehicles on the roads via the integrated bayonet system, provide important technical means and evidences to quickly find and punish the illegal traffic behaviors, solve escape behavior in traffic accidents, find stolen motor vehicles and beat false license plates, offer important foundation and operation data for traffic management and traffic planning, realize resource sharing, integrated data analysis and data mining, and provide scientific and modern decision means for nationwide and local traffic management authorities.

System composition

The Public Security Application Platform includes the integrated bayonet management and control system and integrated management and control system of motor vehicles.

1. Integrated bayonet management and control system:

The integrated bayonet management and control system is deployed in the dedicated vide network, integrates the bayonet resources, electronic police resource, road video resources, image information taken by mobile terminals (mobile phone and camera) via the dedicated video network, establishes the vehicle image information resource library, and completes before-accident and in-accident application such as vehicle capturing, snapshot, speed measurement, feature recognition and storage.

2. Integrated management and control system of motor vehicles:

The integrated management and control system for motor vehicles is deployed in the public security information network, can synchronize the vehicle image information of the bayonets to the image information resource library of the integrated management and control system for motor vehicles via the dedicated video network, exchange data with the public security business systems such as illegal traffic action business system, PGIS system, stolen and robbed vehicle information system, motor vehicle registration and driver’s license management system via the data interface server, and realize practice applications such as after-accident vehicle image information query, retrieval, determination, string and analysis and association and comparison.

System features

● Ultra-strong compatibility

The platform features ultra-strong compatibility and can be compatible to the bayonets and electronic police systems of popular brands on the market.

● Integrated extraction of vehicle information

The platform can extract the vehicle’s license plate number, license plate color, vehicle body color, vehicle mark and vehicle model via deep mining and second analysis on the foundational data in the bayonet system and video monitoring system and can realize association and comparison of case information, stringing and determination of cases, and determination and analysis of technical tactics.

● Automatic monitoring of equipment operation state

The platform can automatically monitor operation states of whole-network equipment, including different front-end equipment, server equipment, and storage equipment and display operation conditions of each device in a graphic manner. When an exceptional state occurs on the device, the system will automatic inform alarms and generate the repair report.

System functions

1. Second extraction of vehicle information

For incompleteness of vehicle information collected by the front-end devices of the established bayonet system, the platform can extract the collected vehicle information again and acquire accurate, reliable and complete vehicle information.

2. Bayonet multiplexing

The platform can connect the public security video monitoring images and social video monitoring images, detect and track vehicles, collect information on vehicles, and automatically recognize the vehicle’s license plate number, license plate color, vehicle body color, vehicle mark and vehicle type.

3. Investigation and arming

The platform can realize investigation and arming for the stolen vehicles, illegal vehicles, involved vehicles, dangerous persons and vehicles, interested vehicles and white-list vehicles.

4. Statistical analysis

The system supports statistics by interval, vehicle traffic, license plate color, license plate type, vehicle alarm and vehicle speed or by hour, day, month, and year.

5. Spatial and temporal analysis

The system supports to analyze in/out frequency of vehicles at an interval and a site and at an internal and different sites.

6. Vehicle tracking analysis

The system supports to realize associated analysis on all recorded vehicles, analyze relation with the target vehicles and adjacent vehicles, and provide tracking clues for different cases.

7. Quick location

With the retrieval service, the system supports advanced retrieval modes such as search by vehicle image and text and can quickly locate the target vehicles.

8. Information publishing

The information is mainly published to the traffic policemen and realizes the case information publishing, case summary and publication, alarm publishing and patrol management information publishing inside the traffic authorities via the system clients.