2013-05-22Operator Video Solution


With quick development of the social economy, the market demand for network-based video monitoring is quickly growing. The video monitoring business based on broadband fixed network and mobile 3DG network has become an important profit growth points to boost ARPU value of operators. This business not only boosts fixed network resource development of operators, but also increases the mobile 3G users and traffic. For the video monitoring business of operators, different superior resources should be combined to drive the video monitoring business. The requirements for the video monitoring business development of operators become higher due to different applications on the video monitoring market, including different personalized requirements of user, extensive area distribution, complex video resource patterns, heterogeneous networks and different bandwidths.

In a word, the access mode, transport network design, network security and user requirement scenario should be considered in the construction and application management of the video monitoring business of operators,  therefore we propose the end-to-end multimedia video monitoring integrated solution for the video monitoring business requirements of operators to meet the increasing video monitoring market requirements of operators.

This solution is for the network video monitoring business based on IP technology and broadband network (Internet, virtual network and dedicated network) and CDMA mobile network, which can fully utilize the network resource strengths of operators and connect and integrate distributed and independent image information collection points via the network video monitoring business platform. This solution is designed as the central and distributed platform architecture, realizes uniform video monitoring, uniform storage, uniform management, resource sharing cross the areas and platforms, and meets the remote monitoring, management and information transport requirements of operators.

This solution is applicable to the public security, petrochemical engineering, bank, road traffic, insurance and damage evaluation, environmental monitoring, power, education, real estate, manufacturing, chained business site, home and medium- and small-size merchants where the remote image monitoring, transport, storage and management are required.

System features

● Provide better openness and compatibility and easily connect and integrate third-party products based on video middleware;

● Adopt load balance technology, realize seamless extension and concurrent capability, which lay foundation for large-scale deployment based on the embedded and server central and distributed deployment;

● Support medium forwarding of center platform as well as P2P terminal and front end for point-to-point communication;

● Support multiple access modes, including C/S (PC and mobile phone) and B/S architecture;

● Support to connect over 300 types of video monitoring front-end devices from over 50 well-known manufacturers;

● Support bandwidth optimization of 3G (EVDO/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/CDMA1X) network;

● Support most mainstream smart mobile terminal applications on the market (Android and IOS mobile smart OS);

● Provide uniform monitoring management at any time and site cross platform and area;

● Support business integration function and dynamic scalability capability;

● Support user privilege and directory management and improve manageability and security.

System functions

1. Real-time scheduling and control of remote network image (B/S&C/S)



2. Electronic map




3. Smart image analysis and diagnosis

4. Mobile smart terminal applications


Digital storage and retrieving, VoD and playback, real-time voice talkback, central management and alarm and linkage.