Social Resource Access System

Product Overview

Social Resource Access System is designed to access and integrate various video resources of social organizations in complex network environment without altering the architecture of network. The system supports the access, management, and push notification of social video resources as well as basic business functions, such as real-time video retrieval and historical video playback. It can access not only the devices under different manufacturers’ protocols and models, but also the third-party surveillance platform. In addition, it is capable of docking with the sharing platform of private video network of public security via the national standard GB / T28181.[1]

This product covers two parts, namely the terminal of social resource access, and the management server of social resource access.

Product Appearance

Terminal of social resource access
Management server of social resource access

Functional Characteristics

1.Excellent adaptability to complex network

It can adapt to a variety of complex network environment, and support the automatic establishment of pathway from the Intranet to the outer network of social surveillance videos. The terminal of social resource access is capable of automatically identifying and establishing network pathways based on the changes to the network address of social organizations.

2.Powerful access compatibility with protocols

With component-based design, it can access the front-end devices under different manufacturers’ protocols and models. It supports the frond-end access to 123 device brands, 326 protocols and more than 2,000 device models.

3.Safe video data transmission capability

The social resource access terminal is labeled with a unique serial number. Through this sole number and intranet IP mode, it can ensure the uniqueness of the channel, free itself from the complex impact brought about by social resource network, and guarantee the safe transmission of video data. Meanwhile, it supports the encrypted transmission of video data in a more reliable manner.

Technical Parameters

Social resource access terminal

Social resource access management server


[1]GB / T28181 is the Chinese national technical standard for information transmission, exchange and control in the security video surveillance network.

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