Service Policy

Dear customers of NetPosa,


Thank you for choosing products from NetPosa.

In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and eliminate the potential problems arising from your future use of our products, we have made the Standard Warranty Service Commitments concerning our products to you. 

Our products shall enjoy free repair within the warranty period according to the terms and conditions stipulated on the sales contract signed between us. Within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the parts or accessories damaged due to product quality free of charge for our customers. We will replace or repair the parts and accessories for value after the expiration of the warranty period.

We will not provide warranty services in any of the following conditions:

The valid warranty period expires;

Malfunction or damage is caused by the usage, maintenance and storage that goes beyond the usage requirements of the product;

The product couldn’t be used normally because of the application of the pirated, non-standard, and self-programming software or the software not publicly issued by the third party;

Malfunction or damage is caused by such abnormal causes as falling, squeezing, high temperature, corrosion, entry of foreign substances, adverse electricity environment, and etc.;

Malfunction or damage is caused by force majeure like natural disasters, wars, and etc.;

Product failure is caused by the disassembly, repair and installation not confirmed by our authorized maintenance agencies and their employees;

Product hardware and software authorization is acquired from unofficial channels.

When your product works abnormally, please firstly contact with your supplier or the integration service engineers of NetPosa in your locality by phone, e-mail or other means. Our professional service staff will communicate you on product information and failure performance and help you solve the problem. If the problem is confirmed as a hardware failure, please send or mail it to the detailed address provided by our service staff, and based on relevant information and failure, we will decide whether this belongs to free or charged maintenance service. If the maintenance shall be charged, our maintenance engineer will inform you after determining the charging standard and conduct the maintenance after getting your permission.

In order to constantly improve our customer service management and expand new modes of customer services, the supervision of and improvement suggestions on our services from each customer are greatly welcomed and appreciated!



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