The report from internationally well-known research institution IHS shows that NetPosa has again grasped the largest and the third largest market share in video management software (VMS) in China and the world respectively.
Luka picture book reading robot was developed by Ling Technology, demonstrating the smart features of new AI species.
NetPosa has been appraised at level 5 of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) while passing the dual certification of ITSS private cloud and public cloud.
NetPosa has successfully piloted its Intelligent Security Community solutions in the communities in Shanghai, advancing the leaping development of social governance capabilities of public security organs.
NetPosa developed and unveiled Video Image Analysis System and Video Identity & Data Governance System.
SenseNets Technology Ltd. our subsidiary, has put in market the face recognition system, crowd analysis system and face recognition & ID verification products, and has successively put them to use in AI security and protection projects for public security and transportation in more than 20 cities across the country, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi’an.
Raised CNY1.127 billion through private placement and is poised to embark on video big data business and intelligent terminal industrialization.
Founded Beijing Ling Technology Co., Ltd. and put “the Universe of Ling” AI products and services in the consumer market.
NetPosa finished the acquisition of “Smart Spy Eye” and “Huaqi Intelligent”, invested in “VIDEOTREC” and “UNIHZ TECHNOLOGIES”, to further deepen its industrial distribution on the sectoral market.
NetPosa was issued and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 29 (stock code: 300367), becoming the first listed Security and Protection Enterprise in Beijing;
NetPosa became China’s largest and the world’s third largest Video Management Software company in terms of Market share .
Set up a subsidiary in U.S..
NetPosa obtained the strategic investment of Intel Capital®;
NetPosa participated in the construction of the project of “Beijing Olympic Games Pictorial Information Surveillance System of Chaoyang District”, providing video image support for as many as over one hundred Olympic command centers and successfully achieving a zero fault of the video networking surveillance platform of 33 Olympic venues.
NetPosa started Research and Development of the PVG®-based Video and Data Management Platform and successfully participated and completed the construction of the Shanghai "Golden Shield Project", China's largest module-data hybrid networking project, securing its leading position in the Video Surveillance Industry in China at the first try.
NetPosa Technologies, Ltd. was officially founded and headquartered in Beijing, China.
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