Corporate overview
Corporate Overview

As a world leading manufacturer of Video Management System (VMS) Platforms, NetPosa is fueling the emergence and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based cities worldwide with innovative technologies.

Founded in September 2000, Beijing-based NetPosa became listed in the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2014 with a stock code of 300367. We have offices in 21 regions in China, the United States, and Southeast Asia with more than 1,000 employees worldwide, most of which are technicians in six major Research and Development (R&D) centers in China and Silicon Valley in the United States. We boast 113 independent R&D patents1, 126 software copyrights2 and invest more than 10 percent of annual sales revenue into R&D programs.

In the era of Information Technology (IT)-Based Security, we put forward the vision of “Building a Video Internet" in 2003, which has been successfully established in a number of cities in China today. More than 10 million of our camera networked applications safeguard urban security on a daily basis, making us the global leading manufacturer of VMS and important promoter of Video Big Data applications. Our  products have been widely applied in urban public security, intelligent transportation, intelligent city, rail transit, intelligent building, and home security, among other sectors. By the end of June, 2020, we have established 1 “ministerial-level”, 7 “provincial-level” and 70 “municipal-level” video surveillance networking platform in the “Safe City” and "Xue Liang"(Sharp Eyes) projects throughout nationwide; and we have participated in to the construction of National Video Surveillance Networking Platform project for the Ministry of Public Security. In video investigation projects, our products have reach to 13 provincial customer and 46 municipal customer. We have rendered security services for major events such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Beijing APEC Conference, the 2017 BRICS Summit, the Tianjin National Games, the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the Military Parade for Marking the 90th Anniversary Of Chinese Army. We have successfully joined the rankings of “National Key Software Enterprises”3, secured CMMI Level 5 appraisal4, and won the award of “Top 10 National Security Brands in China”5 from a&s Safety Automation for consecutive years. We are also the recommended brand for China’s construction of Safe City and one of the most influential security brands in China. According to global industrial technology research provider Omdia (, NetPosa has been ranked as the No.1 Video Management Software (VMS) provider in China and No.3 VMS provider worldwide in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 20186.

In 2016, we have entered the era of AI-based Security and a host of new national and local policies focusing on public security eg the Xueliang Project with new policies on Public Security Big Data, and Intelligent Sensor Network. These new policies have brought about huge opportunities to the entire Security Industry. Thanks to the continued development of AI technologies, especially video AI technologies, applications in the Security Industry have also been developing quickly. Our Intelligent Security Community Solutions have been successfully piloted in Shanghai and replicated in other areas, marking a big stride in the implementation of cutting-edge AI technologies in Social Governance. Against such a promising macro backdrop, we make clear our new mission of “N technology, AI-Based City, advancing the emergence and development of AI-Based Cities worldwide by innovative technologies” and expand our investment in R&D and industrialized production of Deep Learning (DL), Video Structuring, and AI Camera worldwide. Cities are now the largest application arena for the Industrial Internet where there is a demand for Videos, Big Data, AI, DL, Software Applications and Services. NetPosa will seize the opportunities of this industrial development, making continuous strides in innovation, with the aim of establishing City-Level Data Platforms with urban video as the core. We are striving to become the leader in providing Urban Data Platform products and services in the next five years.

We believe that the company's success is achieved by “strategy, organization, performance and review”. Our Strategy is to build the organization, prove the company’s credentials, prepare and present value tenders for all projects in which we choose to participate, knowing that our client-partners will be well pleased with the completed project, review and prepare for the next project.  We have built NetPosa into a commercial organization in constant pursuit of excellence driven by lofty value and powerful culture. While contributing to the emergence and development of AI-Based Cities worldwide, we are sharing with our client-partners the benefits and glory, and jointly feel the deep and tacit understanding of life.

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