Power Social Video Resource Pooling Platform

Product Overview

Based on the Internet, Power® Social Video Resource Pooling Platform serves as a product which accesses and integrates social video resources. It aims to facilitate the multi-protocol access, stable transmission, storage and retrieval of video resources of the second and third types under the complicated Internet network environment, thus making full use of old devices and sharing video data on a wide scale, reducing the costs of video integration and application for the government and social organizations, and enriching the collection means of social value information. 

This product includes two parts, namely the power® social video resource access system (video gateway) and power® social video resource pooling platform.

Technical Features

1.Front-end device access: multi-source data with compatible access

  • Supporting the access to such compatible Internet cameras as iErmu Smart Camera. The Internet cameras can directly connect to the power® social video resource pooling platform via the Wi-Fi hot spots in social environment to carry out the transmission and storage of videos;

  • The social video resource access system has supported the access to video surveillance devices under the standard protocols of ONVIF and GB/T28181, 326 private protocols from 123 mainstream security manufacturers like HIK, Dahua, and Uniview, and 2,167 models. At the same time, it supports the customized docking service and continues to accommodate more compatible device protocols.

2.Video cloud transmission: opening source in seconds, lower delay, smooth stability

  • Opening source in seconds: by virtue of autonomous transmission protocol based on the speedy coding algorithm, the video is transmitted in multi links, thus capable of opening the player via client channel in seconds and lowering the delay of transmission;

  • Smooth stability: using the close integration of cloud and terminal, and flexible frame acceleration, loss and the parameter settings of buffer, the smooth and stable viewing experience can be achieved in various network environment;

  • Massive concurrency: by means of load balancing and intelligent scheduling algorithms, it can easily address the viewing concurrency of massive users, thus ensuring the quality of network transmission in weak network, across regions and operators;

  • Data security: Multiple security measures are taken in the whole transmission process, such as the authentication by dynamic token and the encryption of data in every frame by AES-128 symmetric encryption algorithm, to ensure the security of data transmission.

3.Video cloud storage: massive mixed storage, safe and reliable

  • Massive mixed storage: carrying out load balancing and intelligent scheduling based on large cloud distributed storage server cluster, and meeting the concurrent storage needs of massive devices;

  • Stable and reliable: with industry-leading speedy coding storage solution, it stores video data in an off-site distributed manner to provide excellently reliable data and complete video data;

  • Data security: video data are scattered and stored in off-site with coding encryption, which denies the unauthorized persons’ attempts to visit stored data or restore the original video;

  • Cost Savings: Taking reliability as a priority, the cloud stores only a maximum of 1.5 copies of the original data, which greatly reduces the storage cost compared with the common storage method of three copies of objects.

Functional Characteristics

 1.Front-end device access

Supporting the access to compatible Internet camera devices, such as iErmu Smart Camera and Ezviz Camera;

Supporting the access to the traditional security monitoring devices (IPC / NVR / DVR) and third-party video surveillance platform through the power® social video resource access system (PVG-S and PVG-L);

Video gateway configuration panel admin.

 2.Video cloud transmission

Supporting Internet-based video real-time viewing, video playback and device control, featuring source-opening in seconds, smooth stability, massive concurrence, and data security.

  • Real-time viewing: cloud-based video transmission service for devices and capable of large-scale video concurrent retrieval;

  • Video playback: playback service for loop videos and event videos on demand for client channel.

3.Video cloud storage

The cloud storage service for loop videos and event videos, featuring low costs, high reliability, and data security, can meet the concurrent storage needs of massive video streams on the Internet and guarantee the integrity of video data.

  • Loop storage: providing loop cloud storage service for continuous videos, supporting the playback and editing from any point in time, and flexibly configuring loop storage cycle;

  • Event storage: combined with the front-end intelligent detection function, it provides the cloud storage service for recording short videos and taking snapshots when the event rule is triggered, flexibly configures loop storage cycle, and supports permanent storage.

4.Docking with national standard

The system supports the transmission of accessed and integrated video resources to the platform of private video network of public security or other third-party platforms through GB/T28181 national standard protocol, thus proving a wider pool of social video data.

5.Mobile APP

Network Monitoring Horizon APP is designed to provide mobile monitoring application experience for owners of social properties, by which they can manage video surveillance devices and retrieve remote videos whenever and wherever possible, including real-time viewing, video playback, sharing of video images and network status prompts; binding of video access system device and Internet cameras, device management, etc.


Technical Parameters

Power® Social Video Resource Access System Basic PVG-S

Power® Social Video Resource Access System Premium PVG-L

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