Mobile Video Surveillance Platform

Product Overview

Mobile Video Surveillance Platform is positioned as an integrated service platform based on video viewing, command, information capture and application customization. It is an indispensable mobile cloud application tool in the era of mobile Internet, which boasts convenience, real-time, rapidity, cloud storage and other features.

Technical Features

  • Industry-leading video transcode technology

1.Simple configuration

The relevant configuration of gateway and media can be completed in the page of configuration and immediately effective after altering the parameters without restarting the program. The system presents the running status of superior and subordinate level /the corresponding level/ transcode / media / user in the monitoring part and integrates http service without installing other software, thus simplifying the installing and deploying operations, and delivering convenient configuration and easy maintenance.

2.A wide array of access types

Various types of front-end devices can be accessed with the component of autonomous transcoding PVG of NetPosa and then transcoded into the national standard via media that meet the national standard.

3.Excellent concurrence performance

The concurrence capability is greatly improved with the unpacking transcoding function. So does the network throughput with the support of dual network cards.

4.Sound compatibility

The autonomous transcoding PVG SDK of NetPosa supports the direct docking with the platforms satisfying the 28181 national standard. [2]

  • Individual mobile video technology

1.Bi-directional voice talkback

The device supports the bi-directional voice talkback between front-end device and surveillance center.

2.Supporting multiple code streams

It supports a wide array of code streams, including 720P QCIF, CIF and D1, with adjustable frame rate and bit rate. The ultra-low code stream is adopted to optimize H.264 code, elevating the image quality to 25 frames and D1 standard. The smooth and quality images can be obtained within the effective coverage of 3G network.

3.Accessed by mobile terminal

A smart phone installed with mobile video surveillance APP serves as an individual device. There is no need for other specific individual devices.

Functional Characteristics

1. Video module

As the client channel of video surveillance application of NetPosa, the mobile video surveillance is designed to mainly provide users with real-time video playing, covering such functional operations as making screenshots of videos, recording videos, adding favorites, deleting favorites, adding videos to favorites, viewing view messages, and opening map mode.


                              Map                            Organizational structure            Organizational structure video 

                                                                                                                          playing (portrait screen)


PTZ control (video played in landscape mode)

2.Application module

Users are allowed to do traffic-related query into traffic record, motor vehicles and driver's licenses in the application module; this module has been only applied in transportation by far, but will be available to other businesses such as searching vehicles on images or by track in accordance with future needs.


Application                         Query into traffic record                   Time Calculator


  Route capture                    Searching vehicles on images                     Query results     


                                                    Query results             Comparison between results and original image             

3.Individual capture

In the capture mode, the phone can be used as a mobile surveillance device which captures images by means of real-time backhaul technology and uploads them in real time to back-end services, so as to address the lack of video coverage and the blind spot of surveillance in the places where the emergencies occur.

In this mode, it also supports the mobile local terminal to upload the videos and images to cloud hosting or export and upload them in the backstage.

Information capture

4.Information module

The message module in PMVP can meet the requirements of the reception of deployment and control messages in policing practice and the simultaneous visual reception of the operational command information from the headquarter by on-the-spot police to ensure the coordination among all police forces.

 Information                                         Information
(real-time alarm information)                (all information operations)
[2]GB / T28181 is the Chinese national technical standard for information transmission, exchange and control in the security video surveillance network.


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