Video Prospecting Toolbox

 Product Overview

Video Prospecting Toolbox, characterized by strong mobility and portability, is a set of complete video prospecting and collection device. It is produced by turning high-density polyethylene materials into a 480*340*165mm rotational moulding box that integrates video download alliance, video copier, mobile hard disk, hand-held GPS terminal, fast player, hard disk adapter, and laser range finder. It collects on-spot videos, the longitude and latitude of monitoring sites and on-spot photos, and measures on-spot distance in accordance with the needs of on-spot prospecting of video investigation, allowing users to easily cope with the collection of multifarious information on the spot of video prospecting.

Product Appearance

Functional Performance


Video Prospecting Toolbox highly integrates a variety of video collection and prospecting devices, easy to carry around.


Video Prospecting Toolbox contains multiple video collection and prospecting devices which can collect such information as videos, GPS coordinates, distance, files, and on-spot photos to meet the needs of video investigation.


Handy, well-sealed, no leaking after soaked in water, damp-proof,  dust-proof, able to stay in an environment where temperature is as high as +70 degree or as low as -55 degree ,  with high strength, high impact resistance, and strong chemical resistance, anti-smoke, resistant to acid and alkali, beautifully designed, clean, no color fading, and long service life.

Technical Parameters

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