NetPosa Wins Special Honors again at Security China 2018

On October 23, the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2018 (Security China 2018) was formally opened in Beijing. As one of the major activities of the exhibition, the Award Ceremony for Excellent Innovative Products and Security Solutions at Security China 2018 was held on the same day. At the award ceremony, NetPosa won the Top Award for Excellent Innovative Products for its intelligent community security system, and received the Awards for Excellent Security Solutions for its “Safe City” Solution, “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution and intelligent community security system solutions. Mr. Jiao Guangyu and Mr. Wang Ning, NetPosa’s vice presidents, were invited to attend the award ceremony.

NetPosa’s vice president Jiao Guangyu was receiving the award (the second one from the right)

NetPosa’s vice president Wang Ning was receiving the award (the third one from the left)

The evaluation activity lasted for nearly four months. Through two stages of online evaluation and on-site re-evaluation, the expert team finally selected the awarded products and solutions in accordance with comprehensive indicators such as innovation and market application prospect. These awards symbolize the recognition from the industry for NetPosa’s power, and more importantly, they also promote and stimulate NetPosa to constantly advance the industry development in the future.

Leading in the global video monitoring and management platform, NetPosa, with its sharp insight into market and service spirit of following customer demands, continuously applies the advanced technologies to various industries. NetPosa’s major products such as intelligent community security system and "Xue Liang" (Sharp Eyes) Solution guide the reform of industry product technologies. This is the most powerful manifestation of NetPosa’s enterprise value that it must live up to the customer trust. In the future, NetPosa will take these awards as the drivers to continuously explore from AI to DI.

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