NetPosa Wins the Award of “Top 10 Security Brands in China” for Seven Consecutive Times

On October 22, 2018, the “AI+ Security Industry High-level Summit” sponsored by a&s was held at the Beijing Asia Hotel. At the summit, Doctor Li Yan, NetPosa’s vice president of research and development (R&D), was invited to deliver a keynote lecture titled “NetPosa’s New-generation PVG Products Applied to ‘Xue Liang (Sharp Eyes) Solution’”. He mainly introduced the new-generation PVG video networking platform-PVG10 reconstructing the technical architecture. PVG10, which NetPosa launched by relying on its advantages in the VMS field, is a transformative and upgraded product tailored to meet the demands from Xue Liang (Sharp Eyes) Solution. It realizes the functions such as data sharing, access management & control and safe storage via various networking models, gives a full play to the role of video monitoring system and drives the establishment of social crime prevention and control system.

Doctor Li Yan, NetPosa’s vice president of R&D was delivering a keynote speech

Based on over two-month user vote and data research, the winners of awards for “Top 10 Security Brands in China” were selected and their names were unveiled on the evening of the summit. By virtue of years of product technology accumulation in public safety and the exploration and practice in several sectors such as “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution, “Safe City” Solution and Smart Community Solution, NetPosa won the award of “Top10 Security Brands in China” for seven consecutive times.

As the leading manufacturer of global video monitoring and management platform, NetPosa has been keeping ahead in the VMS field in recent years. Meanwhile it has applied the advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to a host of sectors including public security and transportation in a more active way. NetPosa will take the award as the driver to adhere to the combination of innovation and deep industry exploration and constantly create more value for the users.

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