NetPosa Voices Its Opinions on Urban Video Data Governance Path -- from AI to DI at China Security Technology Innovation Summit 2018 & IVAA 2018 International Forum

On October 25 when the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2018 was held, China Security Technology Innovation Summit 2018 & IVAA 2018 International Forum were also opened with the attendance of relevant officials from Information Bureau of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Public Security and other departments. The summit under the theme of “Artificial Intelligence: Opening a New Era of Video Image Analysis and Application” gathered a raft of relevant experts and scholars from well-known enterprises and algorithmic enterprises in the industries. They discussed the most noteworthy issues on the current development of AI security technology market, new research achievements and the application solutions in key industries and sectors. Doctor Zhang Congzhe, NetPosa’s vice president, was invited as a lecturer to attend the summit and deliver a keynote speech. 

Doctor Zhang Congzhe, NetPosa’s vice president, was delivering the keynote speech

While giving a speech titled Urban Video Data Governance Path -- from AI to DI, Doctor Zhang introduced the pain points of urban video data application and how urban video data effectively empowers the security industry under the tendency from AI+ security to DI+ security. In particular, he also mainly shared five major innovative achievements that NetPosa made in access, data, modeling, support and management of urban video data governance by relying on years of technical accumulation and constant innovation and exploration. NetPosa effectively solved the main pain points such as lack of effective integration and full sharing of video information resources, inadequate utilization and single application of the resources.

When talking about the scenario application of urban video data governance, Doctor Zhang emphasized that NetPosa realized the scenario application in smart block, smart community and smart public security by depending on the exploration and innovation in video data governance, and stayed committed to creating ‘urban emergency brain’ for offering public security and urban governance high-efficiency methods and product technologies. The speech aroused great interest and attention of the guests present.

As the intelligent security constantly develops, more and more cutting-edge technologies are applied to security and other industries, with application in various scenarios, bringing many changes to the industries. Under such development trend, by virtue of years of technical accumulation in video structuring and big data and profound accumulation in serving public security industry, NetPosa led the exploration of urban video data governance and realized the innovative application in many sectors. It hopes to join with the users and partners to make great achievements again in urban data governance.

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