Video Cloud Storage

Product overview

Video Cloud Storage is a kind of cloud storage system introduced by NetPosa for monitoring video storage. On the basis of standard storage hardware, the system employs a completely symmetrical and distributed architecture, with the capacity of realizing flexibly scale-out and scale-up, and it provides highly reliable underlying data storage services and sharing storage resources; it applies the independently innovative RaidEx high-reliable data protection mechanism; it proposes the first full erasure storage technology in the industry; and it system supports standard access protocols such as POSIX, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FTP, HTTP and REST.

Product appearance

Functional performance

High reliability

  • RaidEx

The independently developed RaidEx data protection mechanism provides N+M data protection with high intensity (N is the number of hard disks or nodes of effective data, and M is the number of hard disks or nodes of verified data). When the number of hard disk or node damages does not exceed M, the stored data will not be lost; and when such number exceeds M, partial stored data can be read, and the new data can also be written in successfully.

  • Full erasure technology 

It supports full erasure technology (models including 30+6, 32+4, 33+3, 34+2, 35+1, etc.), while enjoying the high-level data protection of RaidEx and high space utilization.  

  • Full view load balancing

The full view technology is able to manage the recordings of each node and each video recording channel within the region, automatically adjust the number of channels at each node, so that the storage space and network traffic of each node of the entire system can reach load balancing automatically; it supports simultaneous operation of videos that have various cycles at different nodes under the circumstance of load balancing. 

  • High usability 

A uniform IP is available for accessing the cluster; the video data is subject to 

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to ensure the correctness of the video

Highly scalable

  • Completely symmetrical and distributed architecture

  • The flexible seamless scalability enables business uninterrupted

  • Scale-Out and online scalability are allowed

High performance

  • With the completely symmetrical and distributed architecture, multiple business nodes can concurrently process the load.

  • No metadata node design is adopted,And the data is distributed at each node, whose performance almost features linear growth with the increased number of nodes.

Easy maintenance

  • It supports online scalability without disturbing the business, and the capacity and performance will automatically reach load balancing after scalability is completed

  • A uniform maintenance management platform is provided, to configure and manage the storage cluster, including cloud storage system and node status inquiry, video recording plan, performance statistics, system alarm, storage space and disk management, etc.

Technical parameters

Hardware specification descriptions

Software specification descriptions

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