“NetPosa’s Intelligent Community Security System” Simultaneously Provides Convenience for People and Innovates the Security System

Nowadays, the community is becoming the main battle field of the urban security. However, as the population is gradually gathering in the cities, problems arising from the situation such as population management and public security will be most directly shown in the communities. With the development of constructions such as Safe City Solution, Smart City and “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution, “Smart Community Solution” will witness new development opportunities as a new concept of community management and innovative mode on community management.

So, how to put into practice the concept of Smart Community Solution? How to find a more effective measure in comprehensive community governance and public security while improving the service for the convenience of people? Can the current combination of technologies like face recognition, big data, Cloud computing, Internet of Things and AI be better applied in the community? How to connect departments with different functions such as property management and public security to establish a truly three-dimensional security system?

As the global leading manufacturer of video surveillance management platform, based on the philosophy of “unified planning, unified standard, unified platform and unified management”, NetPosa focused on the above-mentioned pain points and fully utilized new technologies such as big data, AI and Internet of Things to build a “Intelligent Community Security System” with the core of intelligent big data application. 

The system broke through dual demands: firstly, it carries out daily maintenance on security to people, vehicles, houses and properties in community through methods such as dynamic perception  and intelligent video analysis; secondly, it conducts intelligent analysis and circulation processing to police alert such as warning deployment and control in community, alert reports, population perception and vehicle perception to build the closed loop for management on police alert of “calling the police-pushing notification-processing-giving feedback-making statistics”. 

Pan-perceptual information integration to multi-dimensionally deploy the Intelligent Community Security System

The Intelligent Community Security System built by NetPosa will digitalize the basic information and help management companies to learn the perceptual data such as actual population, actual houses and actual companies in their community service systems. It collects information in different dimensions through front-end equipment such as video surveillance, micro-card interface and face-access entrance guard while getting connected with multiple network business systems to obtain data and cleans the data source. Then, it aggregates these data through the internet and realizes the GIS-based display and calling. 

Through the construction of Intelligent Community Security System, the community residents will be provided with more intelligent life assistance. For example, relying on the Internet of Things and the internet, residents can learn the community’s fire control system and daily life data of water, electricity and gas fees in real time; analyze the comprehensive data about potential security risks and coordinate with relevant personnel to deal with them at once. Meanwhile, residents can pay attention to population who need to be cared such as the elderly living alone, and in the event of emergency, they can timely coordinate with the relevant people.

Build a closed police alert loop of “fighting, preventing, managing and controlling the crimes”

NetPosa’s Intelligent Community Security System can not only provide services for community residents, but also support the construction of “The Last Mile of Urban Security” with important technical products. Through collecting the data information such as the actual population and vehicle in the community by front-end equipment, the system sets up a subtle community network and makes statistics of distribution of various types of personnel to improve the community networking management level. Via the association analysis of multi-source data, the system improves the accuracy on fighting criminal suspects. Once a police alert occurs, the closed loop for management of “calling the police-pushing notification-processing-giving feedback-making statistics” can be realized. The construction of Intelligent Community Security System enhances the happiness of the community residents and the safety of the community.

With the advent of the era of digital information and AI, NetPosa takes the “N Tech, AI City, Promoting the Rise and Development of Global AI Cities by Innovative Technologies” as its mission. Taking the advantages of the technical experience accumulation and the all-round observation of the industry and society, NetPosa deeply deploys in sectors of smart community and smart security, providing a more complete solution for building the modern community and smart city.

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