NetPosa’s Whole Series of Products of Innovative Smart Security Shine at Security China 2018

China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2018 (Security China 2018) was grandly opened on Oct. 23 at China International Exhibition Center (New Center). With the theme of “Building the safe China, serving the Belt and Road and innovating the smart security”, as one of China’s security industry’s high-end brand exhibitions and important globally-influential international security exhibitions, Security China 2018 attracted over 1,000 security companies worldwide to participate in. As the world-leading video surveillance management platform, NetPosa was invited to participate in the show.

Through the transformation of industrial application of cutting-edge technologies, with the close cooperation with users and continuous improvement of “Safe City” Solution, “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution, NetPosa has various series of products and solutions in serving the safe China construction and innovating smart security. At the exhibition, NetPosa displayed its industry-leading Video Networking Platform PVG10, the latest version of the platform, and Video & Image Analysis System which attracted the industrial attention since its introduction. Meanwhile, it also displayed the Intelligent Community Security System which has a successful trial in Shanghai and was promoted to other cities, innovative Video Investigation 2.0 which suits the practical application, s and other products.

On the first day of exhibition, with high-tech elements, NetPosa’s stands in A19 and A01 of Hall E1 attracted a lot of visitors. In this exhibition, the Video & Image Analysis System became one of the focuses of guests. Notably, this system was applied to construction of “Video Image Information Integrated Application Platform of the Ministry of Public Security” project and has played a key role in actual combats in multiple projects in provinces and cities such as Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Sichuan. It is another classic product of NetPosa on being committed to applying big data and AI technologies to security industry, developing products related to users’ businesses and promoting the productization of cutting-edge technologies.

As one of the representative innovative products of NetPosa, Intelligent Community Security System attracted the extensive attention since its introduction. Upon a successful trial in Shanghai, the system was promoted in other cities including Wuhan. Following the development trend of precise and targeted construction of urban governance, “The Last Mile of the Urban Security” is put under the spotlight by the society and users and the introduction of Intelligent Community Security System is based on this strong market demand.

Video Networking Platform is NetPosa’s traditional competitive product which just released its latest version PVG10. In order to meet the demand of engineering construction of “Xue Liang”, this version reshaped its technical architecture, thus flexibly building system with the scale ranging from millions to tens of millions and supporting various kinds of networking model cascading. As of Dec. 31, 2017, in the national construction of “Safe City” Solution, NetPosa served 8 provincial networking platforms and 63 municipal networking platforms nationwide.

Exhibition area of Video Investigation 2.0 Solution displayed Scene Rebuild System, Portable Video Space-time Analyzer and other innovative products. Four application features of Video Investigation 2.0 thoroughly changed the single work mode of depending on video data in video investigation: the onsite survey information will provide a more comprehensive data decision on video analysis. (Four features: I. Data is the key element. Besides traditional video data, it also includes vehicle data, face data, geographical information data, RFID data, etc.; II. It brings forward the detection time, starting from the onsite survey; III. It provides the visualized onsite commanding functions; IV. It has the function of intelligent structuring video research and judgment.)

The whole exhibition area of NetPosa displayed products and solutions integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as big data and AI. Taking advantage of its strength on developing products closely related to actual business of various types of public security, NetPosa attracted lots of guests for consulting.

This year, with the continuous application of advanced technologies, NetPosa determined its brand-new mission of “N Tech, AI City, Promoting the Rise and Development of Global AI Cities by Innovative Technologies.” It increased the investment on research and development and industrialization in aspects of deep learning and video structuring worldwide. NetPosa actively and continuously explores from AI to DI as products such as Intelligent Community Security System displayed in the exhibition, which is representative of its achievements.

In the future, NetPosa will seize the industrial development opportunities and continuously innovate to construct city-level data platform by taking the urban video as core, thus creating more value for users in field of urban data governance.

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