NetPosa Upgrades PVG Video Networking Platform Again, Extending New Vision of "Xue Liang" (Sharp Eyes) Solution

At the beginning of this year, Intelligent Transportation System Net released the Summary of the Projects worth at Least CNY100 Million in the Security and Xue Liang (Sharp Eyes) Solution Market in 2017. The statistics of ITS114 showed that as of the end of 2017, the total market scale of projects worth at least CNY100 million winning bidding in the security industry of China’s “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution reached about CNY 26.03 billion. In 2018, with the “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution officially written into the No.1 Central Document, the construction goals of “nation-wide coverage, network-wide sharing, real-time availability, and whole-process control” were further confirmed, and the market also ushered in explosive growth. More and more companies started to attach importance to this field and propose their own solutions to meet the market demands.

The nationwide construction of “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution has further promoted the security enterprises to explore the implementation of cloud computing, big data, AI and other technologies in multiple scenarios. With the continuous advancement of construction, problems such as the requirements of multi-industry and multi-field resources access, and the large load capacity have become more and more prominent. Users and the majority of enterprises in the industry focused on how to maintain the relative stability and reliability of the system while achieving the access scale of millions or even tens of millions of users.

For the market characteristics of “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution, NetPosa has promoted the PVG10 Video Networking Platform reshaping technology architecture, realizing a more stable architecture with low time consumption, and providing full-connected video networking capability of “tree-shaped multi-level cascading in vertical, star-shaped cross-domain sharing in horizontal, and refined authority management control”.

Strong compatibility can meet the new access requirement of "Xue Liang" (Sharp Eyes) Solution

With the development of "Xue Liang" (Sharp Eyes) Solution booming, though, there is still a long way to go before clearing out the blind spots of monitoring and achieving the purpose of "being bright as the eyes of the masses". In order to achieve the construction goal of “nation-wide coverage” in the “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution, the system put a large number of points in the front end, which meant that the amount of access required for the back-end platform was increasing, putting forward higher requirements for its compatibility. PVG Video Cloud Networking Platform of NetPosa conformed to the GB/T28181-2016 network specification and provided professional national standard gateway equipment, which could realize vertical cascading or interconnection at the same level through national standard protocol. At the same time, it has realized compatibility-based access of more than 2000 devices under 327 protocols from 123 manufacturers, and supported interconnection and cascading between platforms adopting the private SDK connection mode with the customized development capability.

PVG platform of NetPosa can simultaneously access many devices including video surveillance, vehicle and face bayonet capture, as well as multi-brand video information extraction servers and others. At the same time, the platform supports multiple networking model cascading, with a variety of networking model capabilities such as tree-shaped, star-shaped, sharing, and national standard, and can flexibly build systems with the scale of millions to tens of millions through cascading in multiple levels.

Hierarchical permission and safe data

In terms of platform building, NetPosa does not solely emphasize the multiple access systems and wide coverage, but divides the hierarchy on this basis, providing framework support and security guarantee for massive data storage. Each service of the platform has a perfect hot-standby mechanism, which meets the requirements of business continuity, and supports clustered deployment, showing features of load balancing and fault redundancy. Its storage supports N+M hot standby, and, thanks to data protection technology, the disk is still readable and writable even when N+M backup fails. As it adopts the Linux operating system, it is not vulnerable to viruses and hackers, meeting the requirements of stable operation in 7×24 hours.

Compared with the previous video surveillance management platform, PVG10 Video Networking Platform of NetPosa allows us to see that the management of visualized data remains stable and sustainable as time goes by, the scope expands, and the data increases. As of December 31, 2017, PVG Video Networking Platform of NetPosa had been connected to nearly 2 million cameras across the country. According to the Report of Video Surveillance Intelligence Services in 2018 released by IHS Markit, regarding global VMS market share, NetPosa ranks third in the world and ranks first in China. In the future, NetPosa will further explore use cases and continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in technology and products to help the promotion of “Xue Liang” (Sharp Eyes) Solution.

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