Police Big-Data Platform

Product Overview

The platform is oriented towards users in criminal investigation, information, anti-terrorism, scientific and technical information, and other departments. Based on the structuralized data of video image, it is a data combat application platform that integrates the business data of public security and social data resources, analyzes and taps into data value, builds data model with person, thing, place, object and organization as the five elements, and realizes the mix of data integration, information sharing, and data study and judgment.

Technical Features

Unified and highly-efficient platform

It is an integrated, unified, highly-efficient and convenient big data platform that realizes a variety of functions based on the all-round architecture from data convergence, data cleaning, storage and calculation, through data collision, analysis, study and judgment, and mining, to business application.

Open architecture design

The platform adopts the open cloud architecture, and can upload the third party algorithm. Based on the OPAQ in which NetPosa has proprietary intellectual property, it supports parallel computing, use-on-demand, dynamic allocation and distributed deployment, and realizes more efficient storage, retrieval and computation analysis.

Strong resources integration capability

The platform establishes a data standard and regulation regime by referring to industrial and national standards and regulations, and realizes the unified integration of data under different structures and themes. Structuralized data is stored and processed by the distributed data bank system, and large-scale non-structuralized data storage service adopts video image cloud storage, and the structuralization feature is established in the meantime. By integrating various business data of public security, social data, and video image data, the platform forms basic information resource pool, theme pool and project pool, and provides data support with rich data categories for various applications.

Big data analysis capability

It produces high-quality data through convergence technology and data cleaning and conversion technology. By combining with Hadoop, Spark and other advanced technology architectures, it makes the best of distributed parallel calculation technology, builds a powerful big data analysis capability, and guarantees public security business based on NetPosa cloud calculation, cloud storage and cloud index technologies.

Deep data mining

Based on big data analysis technology, it realizes the deep mining and application of massive data, classifies, clusters, associates and predicts data through statistics, mathematics, deep learning and other technologies. It can manage data hidden in massive data, organize internal rules hidden in data and difficult to be found, and extract potential valuable information therefrom.

Close to police users

Data analysis models are researched and developed based on the real public security combat cases. It has such functions as visualized intelligent trace analysis and query, study, judgment and analysis on person with abnormal activity, intelligent statistics and analysis, dynamic alert monitoring and warning analysis, and intelligent information retrieval, and is close to the needs of polices for daily case handling. Evident results can be achieved within a short period of time.

Functions & Peculiarities

Cloud search

Based on cloud computing intelligent search technology, "cloud search" launches horizontal association and query of massive data, and realizes the seamless connection and three-dimensional display of person, thing, place, object and organization. The modes of search support precise retrieval, blurry retrieval, portfolio retrieval and secondary retrieval, and the speed can reach second-grade response to hundred-billion-grade data query.

Super file

It establishes independent holographic file for "person", "vehicle", and "case & event". Among them, "one person one record" includes basic information, tag information, important identification number, time-space trajectory, relation atlas and other data of the person. It effectively assists the case-handling police to comprehensively grasp and dynamically follow all kinds of information.

Collision analysis

By analyzing data from different sources, and selecting different time-space places through time-space collision, it screens and finds out the suspects.

Trace depiction

It sees about the activity trajectory of the target person within a certain time range, and displays the same on the electronic map in a dynamic way. It can demonstrate the cross-regional trajectory, in-city trajectory and human face trajectory of the target person. By depicting the trajectory of the person, it can precisely grasp the activity trajectory of the object, thus assisting the case study and judgment, and the determination of the suspect.

Relations analysis

It reflects the relation circle within a certain time range, such as the relations of same household register, same accommodation, same internet surfing, travel on same car, travel on same train, and travel on same plane, and showcases relevant person with close ties with the target person in a visualized way, so as to dig out potential suspected partners.

Control and early warning

Deployment and control is arranged on suspected object through big data analysis of single condition or control bank by using data of various attributes (such as human face snapshot, monitory gateway passage, WIFI collection, accommodation registration, internet-surfing registration, and travel record), forming an "electronic defensive line" of multi-dimensional control.

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