Internet Human Intelligence Management Platform

Product Overview

Targeting at police users, the platform realizes the police-public interaction application based on the internet, under which the public submits information clues to police, while police conveys the information of police affairs to the public. It can also support the flow of information clue to the private public security network. The product includes two parts – All-as-police APP and the human intelligence information management system. The product value is mainly reflected in:

1.The provision of diversified internet information collection ability. The public can submit clues through mobile APP anytime and anywhere. Text, photo and short video are allowed, ensuring that the contents of clues are visualized and clear;

2. The provision of convenient communication channel for the public to approach the police and actively report illegal activities or safety loopholes around them, so as to address real issues on the ground. This helps the achievement of the social effect of prevention and control by all and the joint control by the police and the public;

3.The rapid formulation of the police data collection app, with the direct involvement of the public. It extends the information collection reach, enriches the integration of valuable information, and provides more data support for public security, investigation and case-handling.

Functions & Peculiarities

1. All-as-police APP

The APP is made available to the public and is compatible with Android and iOS versions. It has such functions as information clue submission, viewing of and comment on information of police affairs, and individual management.


The APP adopts the functional design of user growth system and point exchange, helping increase user stickiness.


2. Human Intelligence Information Management System

Comprehensive data statistics

The statistical analysis module realizes the trend analysis of registered users and active users of the APP, classification and value analysis of the clues submitted, enabling polices to rapidly understand the general operational status of the platform.

Release report on police affairs

Information management mainly realizes the release and preview of rich text information of police affairs, query of associated clues, and public comment on information of police affairs. The page uses the format of subfield display, making the multi-dimensional information exhibition clear and visualized.

Information clue screening

Clue management realizes the classification of information submitted by the public, full-text search, clue value management, record of clue handling opinion and clue content export. Clue viewing and switching adopt the mailbox-type interactive mode, significantly increasing the efficiency of police officers in handling clues.

 Technical Features 

1. Proprietary cloud deployment, turnkey project, and all-weather operation and maintenance service

The system is deployed on the internet. We offer equipment modeling, IDC inspection, system deployment of proprietary cloud, professional operation and maintenance service, and all-weather emergent failure response.

2. Micro-service architecture can rapidly build new application

Micro-service is a kind of architecture of native cloud application and comprises independent process with small granularity and committed to a function. It allows independent deployment, and lightweight class communication is conducted between each other, with loose coupling. It is extremely suitable for the rapid development and deployment of new application, without impact on existing functions.

3. Security design and care-free usage

Physical security: including equipment room design, physical isolation of server, high redundancy hot standby, remote disaster recovery, etc.;

Network security: including hardware attack protection, closure of redundant ports, client-side IP binding, third party review, etc.;

System security: including regular updating of patch, regular test of high concurrency, 24-hour watching over and monitoring, etc.;

Code security: including prevention of SQL injection, prevention of XSS attack, program boundary review, anti-reverse engineering, etc.;

Data security: including URL parameter encryption and signature, HTTPS security link, encrypted storage, regular updating of account number, timed remote backup, etc.

4. Supporting information flow of data to the private public security network

It provides the customized development service of realizing the flow of information clue and information data to the designated business system of the private public security network.

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