Standard edition

Professional edition

Product Overview

high-speed download for a variety of digital video monitoring and recording equipment (such as DVR, NVR, IP and SAN). It supports simultaneous operation of multiple digital video monitoring and recording equipment, including such functions as recording check-up, preview and download. The product has two types of hardware, namely, single-screen standard edition and double-screen professional edition. Featured by high compatibility, real-time video preview, batch setting of recording download tasks, multithreading and multichannel high-speed download, and unattended download, the product can help put an end to the low efficiency in collection of vast amounts of video recording in a quick and convenient way.

Function Overview

Dual-pattern Application

Kuaicaitong supports the tablet computer work pattern when collecting videos; and the storage device work pattern following the video collection, allowing a direct copy of the collected videos into the video analysis processing device or the user’s computer.

 Compatibility with multi-brand devices

Kuaicaitong is compatible with the digital video surveillance storage devices of more than 80 brands including Hikvision, Dahua, NetPosa, H3C, HXHT MegaEyes, Tiandy, BlueStar, Honeywell, Hanbanggaoke, and E-Vision. Relevant device information can be automatically recognized as long as the user provides the IP address, user name, password and other information about the storage device.

Surveillance Video Preview

With a built-in video image decoder, Kuaicaitong possesses the video browsing function and thus relevant videos can be browsed before being downloaded so as to ensure that the to-be-downloaded video is correct.

Automatic Recognition, Intelligent IP

Kuaicaitong can automatically recognize the device information like the digital video recorder (DVR) of each brand used in the current network and realize an one-click selection of device connection rapidly.

Kuaicaitong is able to select the local IP mode automatically according to the current network conditions, with the function of common IP favorites for the convenience of a quick IP handoff without any manual setting.

Multiple Means to Copy Screen

Kuaicaitong is equipped with the function to copy the screen, including software-based and VGA collection-based copy of screen. Therefore, content on the screen can be recorded and stored in the generated .AVI document, making it convenient to record and play the video surveillance file.

Video Display

Kuaicaitong features the function of an online preview and local display of the video in the current DVR so that the downloaded video recordings can be viewed and played in a timely manner. Meanwhile, over 800 encoding formats are available to play the videos, accompanied by video editing operations including video capture, video transcoding, video parameter settings and image capture.

Split View

The software takes advantage of the characteristics of the double-screen tablet to realize its split view function as per the main and vice screen, which is easy to operate in a direct way.

Time Calibration

With the newly added time calculator used for time calibration, Kuaicaitong is capable of not only computing the time difference between the surveillance recording and the China Standard Time (CST), but also time calibration targeted at the surveillance videos needing to be garnered. After the calibration, the investigators in a case can collect videos as per the time of a crime that is needed, irrespective of additional calculation and worries about inaccurate time of the collected surveillance videos.

Product Features


Videos are downloaded at a high speed, with a peak value up to 400Mbps.


The product is compatible with more than 80 types of surveillance device and over 800 non-standard video encoding formats.


The operation is easy for users, with one-click video collection and storage allowed.


With flexible collection means, the system offers multiple video collection interfaces corresponding to multiple video surveillance devices; with flexible software upgrade, Kuaicaitong device allows one-click service upgrade with network connection.

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