Time and Space Analysis Standard Edition

Product Appearance

Product Overview

The time and space analysis standard edition adopts the design of a portable suitcase. It is able to avoid the vibrations, dust and humidity in the process of transportation, adapt to the 7X24 working model in various environments, and pass the standard testing by the Ministry of Public Security. On the basis of two core technologies including video digest compression & integration and video content retrieval & comparison, and in combination with the case-handling equipment as part of the video investigation management procedures, the product can effectively extract the moving objects in the original video and reduce the time needed to retrieve the original video. This, coupled with the function of video content retrieval, is helpful to identify suspicious objects quickly and extract relevant clips with annotations.

Function Overview

Information Management

The system supports description of cases, and description and management of video point location information, including the corresponding coordinates and collection time.

Video Digest

The system is capable of displaying video clips at different time periods of the moving object against the same background through video overlay as per certain density. In this process, parts where there is no moving object are deleted from the original surveillance recording and only those without the moving object are retained.

Video Retrieval

A variety of video retrieval means like intelligent rules, target color, person and vehicle separation, time domain selection, color separation, graphical retrieval are available in the system. Through a combined use of many retrieval means and a second retrieval, retrieval of suspicious objects can be more accurate and efficient.

Associated Comparison

The system can play up to four original videos at the same time and make a comparison and control the display of each video through fast-forwarding, rewinding, forwarding frame by frame, rewinding frame by frame, and so on.

Compressed Display

Setting of the area of interest is allowed in the system. The video can be played at an up to 16X speed when there is no moving object in such area; and it can be played at a normal or slow speed when the moving object passes such area.

Case Reporting

Based on the investigation process, the standard edition is able to automatically generate a case report with the format as specified, which includes basic information about the case, video resources used in the case, monitoring point information, case clues and conclusion, among other content.

Case Video Non-linear Editing

The standard edition not only supports annotations and automatic tracking of the objects in the case videos but also video trimming and stitching.

Product Features

Ease to get

The system features powerful computational resources and strong video decoding ability, making it unnecessary to deal with a large number of original videos through transcoding.

Ease to play

Various means (such as video compression and overlay) to display the video are supported with the help of advanced video compression means.

Ease to search

A lot of video object retrieval means and cyclic/recursive search are supported to increase the video retrieval efficiency.

Ease to use

The function design of the system conforms to the video investigation procedures, and the functions are simple to operate.

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