Comprehensive Maintenance Management Platform

Product Overview

From the aspect of operation and maintenance demand of public security monitoring system, NetPosa Comprehensive Maintenance Management Platform provides automatic operation, maintenance and management methods and tools for public security video monitoring system while providing functions including asset management, device monitoring management, video polling and statistical statement.

Functions & Characteristics

1. Asset management

It provides asset nature information management functions for assets such as front-end device, platform device and network devices and possessing operations including inputting, editing, modifying, and inputting/outputting as well as attachment management.

Asset management

2. Device monitoring

It monitors whether the online status and recording status of front-end device is normal and checks whether the recording of various video channels is complete while listing the absent time quantum information of incomplete recordings.

Device monitoring

3. Service monitoring

Service monitoring is used for monitoring services included in various platform devices, mainly the various services of video monitoring system.

Service monitoring

4. Warning management

It will timely warn users according to abnormal conditions such as the offline of devices, abnormal recording and overload of device performance according to users’ warning rules in configuration.

Warning management

5. Video quality diagnosis

It provides diagnosis for ten abnormal conditions of video channel: video lose, image noise, video color rendition, blurry video, video interference, video jitter, abnormal brightness, video occlusion, image freeze and scenario change.

Polling result

6. Statistics

It can provides statistics of the device amount, online rate, failure rate and complete rate in different statistics cycle including day, week, month, quarter and year.

Asset statistics

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