NP-HServer-7401 High-intensity Server

Product Overview

Based on a modular design, NP-HServer-7401 High-intensity Server is a high-performance, whole-modular and concentrated-heat dissipation high-intensity 4U server based on Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 series of CPU. No matter the enterprise data center or developing enterprise application, it provides flexible configuration selection to better meet customers’ increasing server demand.

Product Appearance

Functions & Characteristics

1. High intensity

Super high calculating intensity, 4U case supports eight calculating nodes at maximum, reducing 50 percent of room compared with standard 1U server product;

Super high storage intensity, 4U case supports four storage nodes at maximum, the memory supports 48 3.5 inches hard disks as local storage, reducing 50 percent of room compared with standard 2U storage product;

IT equipment intensify is doubled compared with traditional machine room.

2. Flexible expansion

It supports various modules, expands flexibly and supports mix insertion of calculating nodes and storage nodes.

3. Easy maintenance

It adopts install cables and line at front and maintain the product at front so as to conveniently maintain the product and reduce the aging of lines and cables by operators;

Whole-module design idea. System storage module, power module, fan module and management module support the hot plug maintenance, leading to a convenient module change.

4. High credibility

Key components of the system such as power module and fan modules adopt redundant design to ensure the high-credibility operation.

5. Energy conservation

Power efficiency continuously improves and supports Active-standby working mode; low power consumption of fan, low windage and high efficiency of heat dissipation effectively reduce the heat dissipation power consumption of fans through the concentrated redundant fans module.

6. Cost conservation

High-intensity server can reduce the cost of the whole project, such as UPS configuration, storage room and maintenance cost.

Technical Parameter

Machine Frame

Calculating Node

Storage Node

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