MCS Monitoring Point Information Acquisition System

Monitoring Point Acquisition APP

Back-stage system

Product Overview

As a product aimed to collect a large amount of information including the monitoring point in a rapid way by using the intelligent police terminal, the monitoring point information acquisition system is characterized by functions like data acquisition, real-time synchronization, local export and automatic annotation, which facilitates the management and control of society-wide monitoring information by investigators.

Function Overview

1.Environment acquisition

The police terminal APP takes a picture of the society-wide monitoring points and synchronizes it across the back-stage automatically.

2.Location acquisition

The police terminal APP allows an automatic acquisition of the longitude and latitude of the point location and manual amendment.

Information input: The system supports an auxiliary input of information ranging from the camera purpose, type and location to direction.

3.Intelligent calibration

A smart calibration of the time of the camera can be realized. And the time difference generated from a comparison between the phone time and that displayed in the camera is useful for judgment of time point in the process of studying a case.

4.Automatic annotation

The back stage makes annotations automatically on the map in the light of the data information synchronous with the front stage.

5.Data management

Batch import/export of the point location data and data amendment management are allowed.

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