CCS Mobile Video Command System


Command System

Intelligent Handheld Terminal

Product Overview

The mobile video command system relies on the mobile network to realize a real-time presentation of information such as audio and video data, instant communication information and location information produced by the personnel and device, and visualized command/scheduling with highly-efficient interactions between the front and back stage. It has such functions as information release, multi-source map, personnel scheduling, real-time trace and remote command.

Product Network Architecture

Functions & Features

1.Live Broadcast

The system supports use of the mobile network by multiple terminals like camera, mobilephone and drone to share the real-time audio and video on the site with the back stage so that the command center can watch various real-time images offered by the front stage simultaneously.

2.Multi-source Map

Upon a combination of 2D map, satellite map, street view, panoramic view and 3D map, the system can provide a more stereoscopic and accurate command deployment and study, judgment and analysis.

3.Visualized Command

The system supports a stereoscopic vision of the videos, traces and information interactions to provide basis for visualized command and decision-making of the command personnel.

4.Instant Communication

The system supports interactions regarding the on-site video, image, writing, voice and location to enable the front- and back-stage personnel to share the case information in time.

5.Information Documentation

Information of interest can be documented and kept on file by type (clues, suspicious objects and others). 

Features & Highlights

1.Increased efficiency

Assisted by the police terminal, personnel responsible for investigation and command can simplify the command procedures and information feedback channel, provide a wide range of means to display visualized data and raise the efficiency in investigating the case.

2.Overall planning

On the back of means like timely sharing of audio and video information, the commanders are given access to a “multi-angle and all-dimension” analysis perspective in a way to control the big picture.

3.Security guarantee

The streaming media encoding/decoding encryption technology that is independently researched and developed forms the security guarantee for the transmission of audio and video data when the police investigate and solve a case.

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